voyage without end

(reis zonder einde)
fiction, 53′, 16 mm, colour

voyage without end is based upon texts from reise ohne ende (1983) by austrian writer peter rosei. in the film, the characters yolanda and josé represent two motifs from rosei’s text: for one thing, moving and travelling, for another resting and travelling with closed eyes and without changing places. yolanda travels to vienna and the austrian mountains. in vienna, peter rosei himself appears in the film. josé remains in amsterdam and reads the book. excerpts from it speak of desire, sadness, loneliness. in the images, the emphasis is on very concrete actions, on tangibility: of the skin, of food, of beverage, of the soil under the feet, of the warmth of the sun.

cast: josé kuijpers, yolanda entius, marcel musters, titus muizelaar, edwin de vries
script: annette apon inspired by reise ohne ende by peter rosei
director of photograhy: jules van de steenhoven
editing: ton de graaff
music: harry de wit
producer: ank muller for annette apon produkties

Definitely Apon’s most gorgeous film since The Waves, in which she achieved this, much like in her latest film, through disconnecting the image and sound flows. (Skrien)

Actress José Kuypers possesses an exceptional potency of expression that captivates the spectator throughout. (Opzij)

The scene at the beach is an exploration of sensually filming corporeal details, that is rare in Dutch cinema. Voyage without End is a carefully made film, with wonderfully serene cinematography, and with an acting style that is at once craftily restrained and miraculously free. The film is also complex and diverse. Very diverse. My review thus far may suggest that it is a plainly serious film. This is not the case. It contains bluntly comical elements and even absurd and farcical moments. (De Groene)

category: fiction