it is the greed, gentlemen!

(het is de schraapzucht, gentlemen!)
single play, 47′, video, colour

triptych after short animal stories by anton koolhaas, featuring a musing sheep, frolicsome pigs and a wise old gentleman seagull.

script: annette apon based on three short stories by anton koolhaas
photography: annemarie borsboom
editing: dorith vinken
music: harry de wit
producer: stienette bosklopper for circe filmsĀ
co-producer nps televisie

Three stories, that Apon has stylishly adapted to the screen, with cinematic sensitivity and with due respect for the language of the master. The protagonists are gallant, lucid animals, that were filmed with hardly any manipulation in their natural habitat. Apon chose images that seamlessly fit in with the text and that display a shrewd pick of cinematographic points of view and frames. They are fine, somewhat dreamy images, of a meadow in the evening sun, a harbour front in the twilight or a pigpen in warm yellow light. (De Volkskrant)

Annette Apon has used documentary images to make a fascinating triptych. Superb are also the voices that the animals are endowed with. The most exquisite is the voice that, the by now late, Ton Lensink lent to the old and forgetful seagull named Tractaal. (NCRV-Gids)

category: fiction