crocodiles in amsterdam

(krokodillen in amsterdam)
feature film, 88′, 35 mm, colour

apart from their guts, wild imagination and penchant for a particular shade of blue, there couldn’t be two more different women in amsterdam. they meet by chance. nina, a moody activist engaged in small-time terrorism, is wooed away from her cause by gino, a capricious blonde with a taste for the finer things in life. with screwball logic and quirky cutaways, this romping comedy follows the mismatched couple through a series of escapades. when nina’s plans to attack a bomb factory are waylaid by gino’s impulsive ideas – today a trip to sri lanka, tomorrow an obsession with buying a house – their already volatile relationship threatens to explode.

cast: joan nederlof, yolanda entius
script: yolanda entius, annette apon, henriette remmers
director of photography: bernd wouthuysen
production design: ruben schwartz, serge van opzeeland
costume design: geke oosterhof
sound: piotr van dijk
editing: danniel danniel
music: henk van der meulen
dubbing mix: erik langhout
producer: rolf orthel for de nieuwe unie, co-producing broadcaster nos televisie

Annette Apon springs a surprise. The Netherlands has a superb comedy filmmaker. (Trouw)
A light-hearted reverie that as by magic turns Amsterdam into a wonderland. (Utrechts Nieuwsblad)
Crocodiles in Amsterdam is very funny. The tone of many a dialogue is hilariously cynical and our emotions are addressed by the endearment with which Apon observes her characters and their love. (NRC Handelsblad)
Rarely I have heard ‘more normal’ dialogues in a Dutch feature film, which is a genuine relief. (De Volkskrant)
Crocodiles in Amsterdam is a daring and smart film… It only leaves one possible conclusion: a masterpiece (De Groene)
A charming and amusing female buddy movie. This entertaining pic has endearing qualities, including the two actresses’ splendid performances. (Variety)
It is a spontaneous film, full of brainwaves and highlights. The images have been composed into a piece of music, with rhythms and intervals, with colourful syncopations and counterpoint running melodies of the two actresses. (Filmfaust)

festivals (selection):
premiere internationale filmfestspiele berlin panorama
opening film festival de films de femmes créteil 1990
second prize festival international de films de femmes de montréal
axel award, gay & lesbian film festival kopenhagen
international festival of gay & lesbian films san fransisco
internationaal filmgebeuren van vlaanderen-gent
filmfestival lund
ateneo feminista madrid
fantasporto oporto international film festival

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category: fiction