fort naarden

television drama, 52′, video, colour

mira fontijn is a classical singer. one day, she returns home after a rehearsal and has to face the presence of a perfect stranger, a noisy woman, karin, who has fetched her little daughter from school, has prepared supper and already knows her way around the house. mira is shocked. karin will be returning more often. she is interested in mira and wants to be part of her life. mira does not know how to defend herself against the intrusion and gradually feels like a stranger in her own home. only in the music she senses that karin is unable to come near her.

cast: truus te selle, ella van drumpt, edwin de vries, ton lensink
script: annette apon based on the short story verkozen landschap by margriet de moor
director of photography: jules van de steenhoven
production design: hadassah kann
costume design: bernadette corstens
sound: jan snijders
editing: maurits guepin
music: henk van der meulen
soundeditor: peter flamman
producer: jos van der linden for lindenfilm, co-producing broadcaster nps television

Director Annette Apon proves in her most conventional film so far, that she is in command of the metier of creating drama without selling out the experiments with colour, music, light and art-direction that she previously brought to the screen. Even a spectator without knowledge of Apon’s earlier work will be gripped by the convincing anecdote of this film and will notice the finesse in direction and scenario. Apon’s long road to such a seemingly simple effort, explains how she could succeed in leaving intact the ambivalence in De Moor’s story in the so much more univocal medium of television. (NRC-Handelsblad)

category: fiction