footfalls, ohio impromptu and rockeby, 3 plays by samuel beckett

cast: annet kouwenhoven, titus muizelaar, truus te selle
maatschappij discordia

Three superb examples of evocative playing with language, consciously against our linguistic habituation, which makes the language highly pointed-pictorial and makes perceptible more precise experiences, that would dissolve in a lot of words. The same pointed prudence characterizes the acting under the admirable direction of Annette Apon, who obviously knows from her experience in film directing how articulate the acting can be precisely when using very little – and in which the actors are well up as well.
With subtle, somewhat frivolous accentuations, that never incite low instinctive reactions, Discordia explores theatrical limits. They create an own variant of the by now tedious Brechtian alienation.
(De Volkskrant)
Maatschappij Discordia offers with these three plays another magnificent contribution to the stage. The tension contained in them derives from the text as much as from the form, the way Annette Apon (most notably known as the director of films like The Waves and Giovanni) has directed them. She does understand Beckett, but has also a highly artistic and aesthetic command of the vulnerable medium of the theatre. Form and matter meet in a virtually perfect synthesis.
(Haarlems Nieuwsblad)

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