prometheus by aischylos

cast: francis weismuller, anke jansen, hilt de vos
theatre company ellips

This light and bright representation takes the first tragedy in stage history close to the most modern plays of our entury. The tension is to be found in tiny details and in what happens on the spot between the three young women.
(De Groene)
Within the basic stage scenery, there are small, absurd accents that lend cheerful touches to the performance. Quite like the bizarre dance or the sound of a primitive ritual that briefly interrupt the intensely enacted dialogue. Prometheus as a chamber play is a relief after the spectacular presentation by Hollandia last season. Here the text is given the prudent performance that it demands.
(De Volkskrant)
Aischylos’ texts are delivered by the actors in an utterly phlegmatic tone, as if in a casual conversation. This renders Prometheus’ lamenting bearable. Not only Prometheus was captivated, I was so too. And how!
(De Gelderlander)

category: theatre