dream and deed

(droom en daad)
documentary, 74′, black/white and colour

the pursuit of henriette roland holst
as an aspiring poet from an affluent bourgeois milieu henriette roland holst (1869-1952) throws herself, full with idealism and conviction, into the labour movement. within the various socialistic parties however, a fierce battle on direction takes place, wherein she has trouble finding her place. after returning desillussioned from a trip to the soviet union in 1921, she does not feel at home in any leftist party.

the film reconstructs this period with the use of old film material combined with texts by henriette roland holst herself: fragments from letters, poems, speeches and books.

script: annette apon
voice henriette roland holst: lineke rijxman
cinematography: peter brugman and many unknown cameramen from the period 1911-1930
editing: jan ketelaars
sound design: paul gies/klink
image post production: loods, lux & lumen
producer: digna sinke/sng film www.sngfilm.nl

premiere 24 november 2012 at eye instituut amsterdam

netherlands film festival 2013
festival elles tournent, brussels, 2013
mumbai women’s international film festival 2013

distribution the netherlands:
rieks hadders/mokum filmdistributie

dvd available (english and german subtitles) at www.sngfilm.nl

Poetic and breathtakingly beautifully filmed documentary (…) The unique film images that Apon has found are moving. They share with me a time in which – working on my biography – I tried to put myself with all the means at my disposal. Apon instantly placed me in the middle of it. (..) Sixty years after her death, Apon not only immerses us in the stormy time of Roland Holst, she also takes us into her impetuous, at times brilliant mind. (Elsbeth Etty in Opzij)

category: docs